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SETS Engineering Services

Civil Engineering | Geo-Technical Services | Environmental Consulting | Construction Materials Testing | Laboratory Services

    • Construction Materials Testing

      Our In-house Materials testing laboratory is staffed by Geologists and Materials Technicians .

    • Civil Engineering and Construction Management

      We successfully combine the technical expertise of the engineer and environmental geoscientist  to offer a broad scope of professional services

    • Geo-Technical Engineering

      Sets International Offers Geo-Technical exploration and testing for Commercial and Residential structures.

    • Environmental Consulting

      Our Staff of Geologist, Chemists, Biologists, Engineers and Project managers bring years of fieldwork and diverse experiences to each job.

    • Laboratory Testing and Analysis

      With both in-house and field capabilities, our engineers and chemists can collect, monitor and analyze your samples quickly and efficiently.

SETS Engineering Services – Results You Can Always Count On

Our Mission Statement

SETS Mission Statement

SETS Engineering Services, LLC (SETS) maintains high standards of integrity and work ethics on all projects undertaken and executed. Projects are given diligent attention and superior quality professional service from inception to conclusion. Our primary objective is the satisfaction of the client through timely, accurate, and complete professional services. SETS has attained exceptional results in all client projects undertaken to date and will continue to provide quality services at very competitive rates to our clients while meeting or exceeding expectations..

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Recent Projects

SETS Engineering Services has successfully completed numerous high profile projects for upscale clients, severally partnering with large and highly reputable consulting engineering firms. Most of our clients are based in the Southeast of USA

  • City of Atlanta Tunnel Project
    Nancy Creek, South River, Combined Sewer Overflow tunnels.
    MARTA Transport System
    We conducted a Lab analysis as well as field testing of rock and soil
    US Army Corp of Engineers
    We conducted very extensive soils and construction materials analysis.