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MARTA Transport System

  • marta-train-system-renovation-and-expansion

Client: City of Atlanta
Project Name: Transportation System Renovation and Expansion, Geo-technical (MARTA).
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SETS, member of team handling all geo-technical services for 5 year renovation and expansion of the City of Atlanta, MARTA municipal train system; conducting laboratory analysis as well as field testing of rock and soil encountered along the North expansion line. SETS supervised drilling, soil and rock core recovery , litho logging and core shade management.
Our geologists provided rock core structural analysis. When necessary on the project, our Geo-technical engineers evaluated foundations for vertical structures, and in some cases recommended improvements. Cement stabilization, grouting, and piling are some of the procedures on this project that were utilized to improve foundation conditions for vertical structures along the north train lines. SETS worked on this project, with Qore Property Sciences as the Senior Consultant.

  • City of Atlanta Tunnel Project
    Nancy Creek, South River, Combined Sewer Overflow tunnels.
    MARTA Transport System
    We conducted a Lab analysis as well as field testing of rock and soil
    US Army Corp of Engineers
    We conducted very extensive soils and construction materials analysis.