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US Army Corp of Engineers

  • US-Army-Corp-Project

Client: US Army Corp Of Engineers
Project Name: Construction Materials & Soil Testing, Multiple Locations, North Dakota.
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Very extensive soils and materials analyses. Work spanning more than six months involved field collection and laboratory analysis for grain size and grain size distribution, soil bulk density, Atterbergs Limits, moisture content, permeability, and California Bearing Ratio (CBR).
The SETS (Construction Materials Testing) CMT Lab was validated by the US Army Corps of engineers prior to award of contract. Project was completed on time, within budget, and exceeding Client’s professional expectations.

  • City of Atlanta Tunnel Project
    Nancy Creek, South River, Combined Sewer Overflow tunnels.
    MARTA Transport System
    We conducted a Lab analysis as well as field testing of rock and soil
    US Army Corp of Engineers
    We conducted very extensive soils and construction materials analysis.